3D is certainly not a new technology and compared to other branches, it’s a small industry, however, most of the experts will agree that 3D technology has a lot of potentials .

This technology has changed the way people design forever, for better, and not only does it help designers and clients to achieve their goals and effectively visualize space requirements, 3D also improves the efficiency and accuracy of drawing.

3D technology kicks 2D in every possible level

Unlike 2D technology, the 3D allows designers to see what they wouldn’t be able to see if designing in 2D. In other words, this technology gives designers the possibility to physically observe the real estate of an object from all kinds of perspectives.

Are you doubting between using a designer with 3D capabilities and wonder what are the benefits you get if you do? We’re here to help and explain everything in detail.

3D technology allows a walk through the design model

When a designer works in 3D technology, the design he makes is done in a single model. Furthermore, the one model in 3D assists the designer with coordination and allows him to walk through the model and notice the actual space and size and possible mistakes or conflicts of the design. Aside from these walk-through benefit, the designer may also see if the design allows for operational and maintenance access, as well as addresses safety concerns.

This leads to the conclusion that 3D simply allows creating a user-friendly design that easily meets the needs and requirements of the clients. However, these aren’t the only benefits you get if you chose a designer with 3D capabilities . There are more and by continue reading, you will have the opportunity to discover all of them.

These are the 3 best benefits of choosing a designer with 3D capabilities

•  Speed

As you may assume, 3D modeling is able to provide virtual construct sites and structures in a shorter period of time that 2D modeling or drawing can. In other words, designers don’t have to spend much time looking for mistakes and issues as in 2D modeling, which allows them to finish the projects faster and error-free.

•  Accuracy and flexibility

Although 3D modeling is a lot faster than 2D, sometimes it’s not all about speed but also accuracy and control. What does that mean? It means that thanks to 3D laser scanning, designers are able to develop a precise model by using the data sets without spending time on measuring and re-measuring parts of a site or structure.

•  Reduced preparation process

As we mentioned, thanks to the accuracy and flexibility of 3D modeling, designers are able to spend more time on completing other tasks, and less time on the preparation process. What do you as client gain from reduced preparation process in 3D modeling? Your project will be finished quickly, more efficiently and in the range of your budget.

Are you ready to experience the benefits of 3D technology and achieve your goals in a more efficient and sophisticated way?

If the answer is yes, then you already know what to chose and why. According to our research, 3D definitely kicks 2D technology on every level.

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